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Each portrait design is customized in telling your story with an heirloom portrait that will be treasured for generations. Creating a timeless memory of dreams comes true. From frying high as a fairy or swimming as mermaids, to counting stars, or playing the violin in front of thousands. You are unique and beautiful! What vision do you want to come to life? What story do you want told?

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All you need to do is send me a photo to start your one of a kind Portrait Design.

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When I first moved to Hawaii I just feel in love with it!! The beauty, people and culture! Everything right down to the smallest leaf. I want to share that beauty with everyone, to show  that there is beauty all around. It all started when my daughter wanted to be a mermaid and I was frustrated with the lack of modesty when I searched for outfits & artwork for her. It was the same with Fairies.  Girls & women are a children of God and are loved. They don't have to show a lot of skin to be beautiful. There needed to be an option give mothers modest variety for their young daughters to decorate their room & to create art that would inspire. There are so many wonders of this world, from small mushrooms to crashing waves. The patterns and textures- no two are the same! Everything is new and fresh. God's creation can be amazing every time you  step outside your front door! Then share what you  have learned. His world is our classroom. His creations can lite up every soul and all can see them! I thank our God for eyes to see and the time to take notice and ears to hear His words in the wind.

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Dream Portraits With Little Salt

Author and artist, Alicia Sault, also known as Little Salt, wants every little girl to grow up feeling grateful, kind, and giving. She wants every little girl to know that she is special and has something unique to offer. She wants every child to see the world through eyes of wonder and reverence. She wants every child to have their backyard as a learning ground with every tree, rock, and flower as inspiration. This dream is why she has created The Fairest Fairies, Majestic Mermaids, Brave Boys, and Valiant Voyagers. Spending years collecting perfect petals to photograph, Little Salt has stitched layers upon layers using digital artistic layering. With her original photographs of Hawaiian flowers, she has brought to life these amazing portrait designs as a wonderful visual story. She combined these imaginative portraits with original poetry to inspire and delight young minds. 

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“The photos that Little Salt took at my daughter's wedding were AMAZING!! Her time and care went way beyond what I had hoped for, and she did it all with grace and kindness. Her calm spirit helped calm mine! I loved the creative focus she brought to each shot. My favorite thing about her was that she cared about the photos, but she cared about the overall experience for Destinee and Ramon even more. It was always about them, instead of all about her. She really brought out their beauty inside and out! Thank you thank you!!!” - Leslie Neville 

What is YOUR Story?

“The photos that were taken of my daughter are priceless. At Little Salt she takes her time to make all that she is working with comfortable. Making the experience fun and enjoyable. Photographing a one year old can be tricky. I love the pictures that little salt took for us. She has amazing talent.”- Stephanie Sheffer “I loved my graduation pictures that she took. They were outside and I felt like she knew what she was doing and it turns out she did! Got my pictures back and I love how they show everything good about me :)” -Natasha “Incredibly talented! Alicia captures beauty and extends her creativity beyond imagination in all she does. Highly recommended!” -Kimberly “Alicia is a great photographer to work with. She is easy relaxed and fun to work with. Her photos turned out amazing I love her work.👍 😍” -Kayla Prince “Alicia is an amazing photographer! I love the work she has done with my kids!” -Autumn Nelson “She captured my little girls spirit.. not always a small feat! Great eye!! Thank you for my memories” - Amy Call

“Alicia Sault is an accomplished and inspirational author, presenter, and artist. Her stories and artwork encourage the best attributes in children and are a must read for any parent who wants to have an example of quality characteristics to nurture and develop, raising their child." Educational Consultant and Author, Trina Gunzel “We traveled to Hawaii last summer with our 4 kids and I knew it would probably be the one and only time that we were all there together so I wanted the trip captured with once in a lifetime Hawaii family pictures. Thank goodness we found With Little Salt photography! She was amazing! She had a beautiful location picked out that gave us so many options to capture the beauty of Hawaii, the ocean, the rocks, the beach, all of it! She did so many fun and different shots with us. This is only one of the many amazing photos that she took and now my home is covered with photos of us in Hawaii, a family vacation that we will never forget, thanks to With Little Salt photography... Mahalo!” -RaChyl Camerson “Alicia is WONDERFUL! So sweet & patient. She’ll make your photo shoot a life-long memory. We absolutely adore the pics she took. Very happy customer. I 100% recommend her.” – Andrea Hess 

God's Creations

With Little Salt

I am a portrait designer, author, and homeschooling mother of 4. I love exploring, biking, meeting new people, and learning!

"The Destiny of the world is determined less by the battles lost and won, but by the stories it loves and believes in." -Harold C. Goddard

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