An answer to prayers

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One of my mentors told me I needed to write a book. Me, write a book? I'm dyslexic, don't know how I passed high school, my writing was so bad my 3rd grade Canadian teacher asked if I was from a different country. I proudly said, "Yes, Texas!". But determined to become better I set to work. What could "I" write about? What did I know enough about to share with others? Then one night just before falling a sleep as I was pondering & questioning a poem filled my mind. I quickly wrote it down.

Sometimes the Finest Fairies in all the land….. are sad.

Sometimes they are glad.

What makes them sad, glad, or mad?

How can we help our little fairy, Sue?

To see the light and the dew?

This or that But Gratitude will do!

One by one we count as we go!

Slowly at first, then faster they flow!

Until upon ones eye do hold-

But the biggest blessing ever told!

Sometimes the Finest fairies in all the Land….. Find Gratitude

It was an answer to my prayers in more ways than one. It was my journey, how sad I felt for years, and how I was about to find happiness through gratitude. The blessings I wanted had been right in front of me all along. I just needed to look up and to start to see the good in my life instead of the things I wanted to change. It was a slow process but the more good I saw the more my eyes where open to see more good. Now I needed to create this Sad fairy to go along with the poem. Catching the frogs and to have them corroborate, I think was the hardest!

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After cutting her and the frog out, I had to find just the right background to create the feeling and look I wanted, one that would match the lighting and they could fit into. Creating the fairy's outfit was very time consuming but I loved it! I cut out each leaf, sculpted and shaped it to fit and look like her dress.

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After finishing her skirt, I had to find the right texture for her shirt, bee's wings, something that looked like a staff and then I added more to the foreground. Finding something in nature that looked like a crown was a bit more difficult but Hawaii has the most interesting plants! 

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I had to do more sculpting, add shadows, color matching, add frogs crown, and then came the  sun flares. Then I added my painting look. If you zoom in it has a painted look to it which is my style that I do to all my art work. 

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Then comes layers and layers and layers of SPARKLES!!!

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