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Even though I have loved photography since I was in 6th grade & took photography in high school, I had a lot of other hobbies that I loved and have tried many different hobbies. Gardening, quilting, sewing, sculping, lacedraping, & drawing just to name a few. I thought that if I worked on 20 different hobbies in 20 years I would be good at all of them..... how wrong I was! It had been 20 years since I decided on that plan and I wasn't any closer at being good at any one of them, I felt. I was heartbroken. I wanted so desperately to be good at something to share with others, to help them. I know saying down in the dumps wouldn’t help anyone either. So, I decided that I needed to choose one and stick with it until I mastered it but which art form? I loved them all and even in each category there were many different niches. Not being able to find an answer sitting at home, I went a near by beach town that had lots of artists & artwork. I started at one side and went to every art store in town. At the end of town there was one more store. This store had so many amazing & different types of art work. Each artist truly was a master at their craft from woodworking, painting, glass work, photography, mix media, and metal work. Then I was a very large metal print of the hawaiian God Maui. It was hyper realistic, with waves crashing all around, the Hawaiian mountains and Maui pulling up his fish hook from the deep. "That's what I want to do" I knew then that's what I wanted to do. I didn't know what technique it was called or how to do it but I wanted to learn. I went home to look for what I could create. I had some Disney art books of tinker bell and I just loved the painted look! I didn't like how skimpy the dresses where so I decided to give it a go, to create a dress out of flowers from around the island that I loved so much! I was SO excited! This included everything that I loved- all my hobbies rolled into one! I was able to pull all my knowledge and experience from each craft to master this one craft of sculpting & painting with photographs. Gardening (flowers), quilting (cutting & putting back together to create something new) Lacedraping (making dresses), photography (people), photoshop, sculpting, painting, drawing, & sewing are all the elements of knowledge I needed to create this one piece of art work. So if you haven’t found your passion yet, don’t lose heart. The Lord just hasn’t given you the final piece yet but He has been leading you along every step of the way. Some puzzles have more pieces to the picture, it just makes it more special when finishing it! It may not seem like it, but God is building a masterpiece. You are His masterpiece. Believe in Him, Trust Him, and everything will come together for your good.

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