Some may think that an idea for a piece of art work, just comes to the artist, and that maybe true, but not in the way most would think. My artwork is not something I created from myself but more of multiple composites of events given to me. Each piece of work represents a gift given to me to help me along my journey. This particular piece was the first time I really started to listen more carefully to share and record what I have been given. This is one of the pieces of the puzzle I was given to show me which way I should go. For I so desperately wanted to be good at something to share with others. I felt I had a great work to do. I just didn't know what that work was yet. My daughter was 14 years old and wanted to be a mermaid. She has very high standards and taste, which didn't match my budget at the time. She researched and researched and found a $2,000 mermaid fin with a custom fit. Even if I wanted to spend that much on a mermaid tail that she would out grow in 6 months, I didn't want to give up any of my closet space to store it! But being a loving mother and wanting to give my daughter the world, decided I could at least try to figure out how to make her look like a mermaid in a portrait. I have been using photoshop since she was born so decided to try my hand at digitally making her a tail. Living on an island we are blessed to have access to some beautiful waterfalls. We hiked through the mud, she climbed up on the rocks but the noise from the water fall was so loud she couldn't hear my directions to how to pose! Her hair was wet and the lighting was making funny shadows on her face. The water was brown and muddy. I decided to try again but this time at my house. She did her hair and make up, wore her swimsuit and black tights. We had a white wall by the side of our house that made most portraits have a blueish tone that we used for the background. We re-shot her posing as a mermaid. Then the hard work really started. Not thinking I would actually use this photo, I did a quick cutout and started editing. I really liked how some of it turned out but didn't know how I did it! I worked and worked on it.  I   would try one technique, then another, then another. Mostly by clicking on one thing, then another, to see what would happen until I came up with something I could live with. I'm so grateful for my daughter's dreams and for God who gave me the ability to make her dream come true.

Making Dreams Come True

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