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"The Destiny of the world is determined less by the battles lost and won, but by the stories it loves and believes in." -Harold C. Goddard

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Who are the "Fairest Fairies"?

They are like us. They are amazing and wonderful but sometimes they feel down, discouraged, and a lone. Through poems & stories they learn how to find hope, peace and laughter.

From: Alicia Sault

To: Loving Parents

If you are reading this I know you want the best for your kids...

You want them to succeed...

You know the importance of what we read and watch, and what it does to our belief system. Personal Growth is powerful. It helps us reach the best version of our selves, but is there a book for little kids? Baby's?

After working 15 years teaching teenagers, I realized these kids need to learn how to succeed in life before they are teenagers.

They need to learn from the get go. They need to learn while they are young. We can give hope, guidance, and direction to our children BEFORE they need it, so when hard times comes, it will be OK, because they will have the tools they need to get through it.

If they are prepared we don't need to fear for them. 


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I took what I learned from the greats and put them into children's poems and artwork. To give parents a tool,  so children will always know how to change things for the better, to be better, to become better.

Tony Robbins is one of the most popular and recognizable self-help coaches in the world. From him I learned the importance of gratitude. "When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears."

 From Terri Foy, "IF you complain, You remain."

Jim Rohn, who has left an indelible legacy of time-proven principles and wisdom, taught we have the ability to choose & change.

Tai Lopez taught the importance of reading a book every day

Simmon Sinek taught me how to be a better mother.  “A star wants to see herself rise to the top. A leader wants to see those around her become stars.” Teach your children how to be stars!

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Teaching children when they are young gives them the tools they need to build the life they want, sooner.

You see, I definitely didn't start out this energetic- in fact I was the shy girl in the corner who apologized for living. I said "sorry" more times than Canadians say "A". School was not in my strong suit. Moving to Canada my 3rd grade teacher asked if I was from another country (because my spelling was so bad) I was surprised she knew and proudly I said, "YES! Texas!". I don't know how I passed High School. (Learning much later in life that I was dyslexic). Learning anything for me was a struggle and I wasn't very successful. Since I had to pick an elective at school, I chose art because I was too shy for drama, couldn't sing or play an instrument, and was not athletic. But I was a dreamer and my dream was to live like a Hutterite. I dreamed of marrying a kind man, live on a farm, a small house with a white picket fence, have 10 children, gardening and canning. That would be the perfect life for me. But God knew me better and He knew that I just needed to grow. I got to the point in my life where I couldn't take care of my children for 10 years. I had to pay someone to come into my home, get my children up, make them breakfast, and get them to school. I was diagnosed with stroke, narcolepsy, seizures, dystonia, endometriosis, and hashimoto’s…..but I have found a solution. I can walk without pain, I can drive, I can take care of my children. My doctors are amazed. I wanted to teach children what I have learned. I didn't want them to have to wait until they are 40 to pick up a self-help book to learn these things. I wanted them to know how they can succeed now, while they are young. Even though children are young, their fears are real. What they think now will affect their future.  They need the tools to learn how to find love & happiness.    


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Every child needs to grow up feeling grateful, kind, and giving. Every child needs to know that they are special and has something unique to offer. Every child needs to see the world through eyes of wonder and reverence. Every child needs to have their backyard as a learning ground with every tree, rock, and flower as inspiration. This dream is why I have created “The Fairest Fairies”. Spending years collecting perfect petals to photograph, stitching layers upon layers using digital artistic layering with original photographs of Hawaiian flowers, bringing to  life these amazing fairy portrait designs as a wonderful visual story. Combining these imaginative portraits with original poetry to inspire and delight young minds.”

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